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[IP] Re: Minimed's "so called" new technology, glucose monitor

To those buying off on the New Minimed Glocose sensor.   Before buying into
this device, please do your homework on it.  Ask the Minimed rep to show it to
you. Ask him/her to demonstrate it to you and your Dr.  Ask for the clinical
data and the results.  How accurate is it and how often?

There are literally dozens of companies (worldwide) working on this
technology, some with non-invasive technology, far superior to the more
conventional invasive technology that they are promoting.  Please do your home
work and don't just buy off on a "new" product for the sake of what Minimed is
saying.  You owe it to yourself.  

Another Glucose sensor,  which is non-invasive (does not break the skin) is
close to submitting for FDA approval, but you don't hear much about them. 

It is the GlucoWatch: (www.fluent.com)

Cygnus has developed a monitoring device called the GlucoWatch that is worn
like a wristwatch, eliminating the need for patients to stab their fingers to
obtain blood samples. The GlucoWatch extracts glucose molecules through intact
skin via a proprietary electro-osmosis process that uses low levels of
electric current. Glucose molecules are collected in a small disposable pad
that adheres to the skin. The collected glucose triggers an electro-chemical
reaction with a reagent in the pad, generating an electrical current. A sensor
measures the current and an integrated circuit equates it to a concentration
of glucose in the patient's blood.