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[IP] Unbeliever Endos

I fired my endo for the very reason that the "pump" was just a gadget and MI
was the "poor man's pump" - and suitable for me because I am a poor college
student with 3 children.  I promptly called Minimed and asked for a few names
of endos that they work with - and double checked with my primary (aDO thank
goodness) then I went to the new guy - who said "The pump is the ONLY way to
deliver insulin effectively"  I could have kissed him.  He was, of course, the
muscle behind the push for the pump - because the insurance companies were
both tough nuts to crack for pump therapy.  The old endo, coincidentally, also
believed that checking bg 2 or 3 times a day is sufficient.  Enough said.
Find a new guy, and convert the old one later, is what I would do.  I guess I
am not very patient :)