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[IP] Re: I am

>Ahh I don't know about that Buddy,
> I know that I still get the looks and raised
>eyebrows when I eat something sweet in mixed company.

This is the guilt in "your" mind. That is exactly what I was talking about.

 >When I got DM I was drilled on the idea about absolutely NO sweets and
>just in the last year has this idea changed with the ADA if my
>memory serves me correctly.  (was that a run on sentence?)
>Anyway, I am 25 yrs old but today I feel very, very old.   I am
>tired, worn out, a headache and just pretty much run down.

How well under control are you ??

>Boy do I sound whinny!   Do any of you out there feel JUST SOMETIMES
>like the DM wears on you a bit.

You have had it long enough to know that is one of the effects it has on
you. It may be life in general but it is also the way you look at that life
through the sugar in your eyes. This sugar you are looking through is the
same glucose giving Sara and I our problems.
>Maybe, now that I think about it
>it is more just life in general today.   I think I will go and hug my
>three year old daughter again.  She is a precious little girl.

I have a 15 month old grandboy that helps me make it through every day! He
is my constant partner, I could not make it without him and my pump. Hang in
there at least it is FRIDAY !!!

Buddy '-)
>Have to change my site today,
>email @ redacted
>> Nancy,
>>     Chocolate cookies. Ummm. I think I remember you saying you are around
>> 25??? Anyway, I don't think you are old enough or have had diabetes long
>> enough to get that guilty feeling we grandparents get when we indulge in
>> cookie or a piece of cake. Even now as I calculate the carbs in some of
>> forbidden food of the "old days" and bolus for it, I get this old feeling
>> guilt that was drilled into me back in the 50's and 60's. You young'uns
>> probably did not receive that education since the invention of the wheel.
>> <big grin>
>> Buddy '-)