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Re: [IP] public testing

I remember the first time my girls (at the time about 2 and 3) took notice
of me licking the blood off of my finger after a test.  They kind of got
this startled look on their faces and then started lauging at me!  I got
real indignant (yes, I was childish myself to get indignant at a 3 and 2
year old) and said loudly:
What's so funny!!!  It's my blood!!!!


> I just pop the old bleeding digit in my mouth and suck...If anywone has
>> >
>I do the same thing!  I've been doing these tests so long that I don't
>much about it -- I just casually take out the meter and sticker, jab away,
>and lick the leftovers.
>First time I did that in front of my current pseudo-girlfriend was right
>after she'd asked me to show her how to do a blood test, so there was no
>explaining it off as anything BUT the fact that I was licking off the
>The cute thing was, she just smiled...  *sigh* :-)