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[IP] Thighs have it

Yes waist bands were hell on sites.  I am still using everything that I
was informed of to have the pump.  I just added the tincture stuff, cuz
of the sticking problem I had this summer.  Like I said, I am rather new
to a pump.  I took nearly a year before I dared to try one more day on
the site!  Guess I though I would turn into a green rubber ball or
 What a great chat board, I really like to learn new things and trade
ideas.  Tincture of benzoin is really inexpensive, and I was told about
it from someone at mm when I called them about the trouble I was having
to keep things sticking.  I get really wet and melt alot in the summer,
especially so when I go fishing.
I like your post about your dogs, mine think I am great also!  I thought
they should come along to tell the doc that, so she won't be so hard on
me for Christmas.  
I'm sure my hb1ac will be higher, on account I had a cold that lasted
from Thanksgiving till Christmas....I am not lying....I only had a few
comforting ice creams to get me through that awful sore throat stage.   
Later Laurie