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Re: [IP] Re: Memories

Scary Memories! I have piles of notebooks compiled over years of three urine
tests a day of the Clinitest using drops of urine and tablets. Never a
variation from 5+ . I never saw anything but brown the highest level of sugar
recordable. But I did the tests religiously.

When the glucose machines came out, I was too deep in denial although I had
three different machines. When I wanted to get on the pump, I had to prove
myself. The docs were afraid I'd quit testing again.

Since the pump, I test 4-6 times a day. Testing has become so much easier
along with diet control and exercise. For the first time, I feel like I CAN
make an impact. If the test is high, I CAN do something. :)

The pump is a God-send to this hard headed, short sighted, finally-in-control