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Re: [IP] Dex availabity/computer hookup

    On the availability of the DEX  I think Bayer is running trials in the US
for these.  They are not suppose to be on shelves in pharmacies until March (I
think that is how they are doing it.) I have one for a 2 wk trial period then
it is mine to keep.  This may be where your Dr. obtained them.  I got it
through my pump support group meeting that is hosted by a CDE.  They were
given them to have people try them & see what they thought of them.  I liked
it but still like my accucheck advantage a little better for some reason that
I can't put my finger on.  I found the results did not coincide close enough
to what I was used to reading on my Advantage & had to rethink the way I had
to do boluses and where I wanted my range when looking at DEX numbers.
Sometimes I think it adds up to what I am used to & why change something if I
don't need to. 
 The DEX uses less blood, and is only 30 seconds & has time averaging that you
can set for 4 time of days & averages the last 2 weeks in that time.  That was
kinda neat.  They are pretty compact to carry around.
The idea of only a limited # of cables sounds a bit bizarre...Don't they think
we will buy them or is this there way of jacking up the price on them.

And -No- , I don't work for them!!

Take care everyone  Kathi   
     IDDM 30 yrs /  Pumping since MAy 1997 / Humalog since 6-96