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RE: [IP] Re: Your not old enough ??

>     Chocolate cookies. Ummm. I think I remember you saying you are around
> 25??? Anyway, I don't think you are old enough or have had diabetes long
> enough to get that guilty feeling we grandparents get when we indulge in a
> cookie or a piece of cake. Even now as I calculate the carbs in some of
> forbidden food of the "old days" and bolus for it, I get this old feeling
> guilt that was drilled into me back in the 50's and 60's. You young'uns
> probably did not receive that education since the invention of the wheel.

:-)  I dunno, though.  I'm 27, and was dx'ed on my 3rd birthday.  I can
certainly remember growing up with "sugar is evil" being drilled into my
head, at least at first.

Some of my friends STILL believe that.  One of them insists that "every
diabetic I know cheats".  I told her that the guidelines had changed, and
sugars were allowed if you accounted for them, and her response was a tart
"that just means the doctors caved in because they knew you were all
cheating and wanted to ease the guilt..."

I know she means well, but she can get REALLY annoying sometimes ;-)

Greg Legowski
"Look at this way.  At least your luck is holding true to form.  Anything
remotely cool that happens to you has to be accompanied by something
stupendously stupid.  It's very karmic.  Buddhists would love you."
  -- Hosun S. Lee (not to me, but still a great quote)