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Re: [IP] nervous hands

Randall, if there was a button I could press to make this nurse
from the face of the earth I would press it and keep on pressing it as
hard and as long as I could.. I'd take a sledgehammer to that button!
And this is not because I have any experience with cerebal palsy or 
Down's.  She could suffer from extremely low self-monitoring behaviour
(people that don't realize how what they say affects others), or
she's just a cruel, heartless demon.. one of the two :)
Forrest *(still looking for that button to press, that nurse is lucky
I can't find it)

> You sound like the nurse at a nearby hospital who told the parents of
> a newborn child with cerebal palsy "at least you won't have to buy
> her a car when she turns 16."   This is the same nurse who told me
> that a "good side" of having a child with Down's Syndrome is that
> "you won't have to worry about paying for his college education."
> You remind me of her - kind of cold and harsh with an outward facade
> of "care."