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Re: [IP] Finding a good endocrinologist

On Thu, 8 Jan 1998, Janine Shea wrote:
> I went to my new endocrinologist today and found out that he is not really
> "into" pumps.  He only has one other client on one and doesn't think they
> are all that useful.  I have been on a pump for 13 years and fear I may
> know more than he does (highly doubtful, I know but I want serious control
> and I need some fine tuning and I am not sure I am going to get it). Now, I
> am wondering two things:
> 1)  Should I find someone who is maybe more experienced and interested in
> dealing with pumps?

> 2)  Does anyone know of a pump "specialist" in the Vancouver, BC, Canada area?
Ask the local pump rep or trainer - they know who the folks are that 
butter their bread.  If you don't know the local person, call the factory 
rep and enquire.