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[IP] does any one use their thigh for a site?

Hi I'm new, and I have been reading posts trying to get caught up.  I
use my thigh since last NOv. and after working out a few bugs of my own,
I find that I like it better than the abdomen.  I only change infusions
on Sun. and Thur.  I use Humalog, have since going on the pump in Oct.
of 96.  My biggest problem was this last summer, and perspiration;
could'nt keep my infusion in.  Wish I would have tried the thigh then.
I find that when I change into my thigh, I bolus 1 unit more than I
normally would or I run high for half the day if I don't. I donot have
any problems on the fourth day either.  I was having a lot of problems
with my abdomen; moving sites after only 2 days, oozing from site,
soreness after insertion, areas that just weren't working which caused a
lot of wasted canula's.  I started using tincture of benzoin after
cleansing with hibiclens and alcohol. This has helped everything stay
sticking until I remove it.  These are things that have been working for
me, maybe something in there can be of help to someone.
Sara, good luck with your eyes, I hope for the best for you.
 I have been a dm for 36 years, and on the pump since Oct 96.