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[IP] Finding a good endocrinologist

Hi, all!

I went to my new endocrinologist today and found out that he is not really
"into" pumps.  He only has one other client on one and doesn't think they
are all that useful.  I have been on a pump for 13 years and fear I may
know more than he does (highly doubtful, I know but I want serious control
and I need some fine tuning and I am not sure I am going to get it). Now, I
am wondering two things:

1)  Should I find someone who is maybe more experienced and interested in
dealing with pumps?

2)  Does anyone know of a pump "specialist" in the Vancouver, BC, Canada area?

I might not consider finding a new person if I didn't already have other
concerns.  I just wonder if I do look for someone else, what my criteria
should be.  My previous endos (in another city) were all avid pump

Any ideas?


Type 1 for 18 years
Pump for 13 years (Minimed 506)

Vancouver, BC, Canada
email @ redacted