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[IP] Dex availabity/computer hookup

Hi Karen,

>Janine:  you "bought" the DEX?  I was told it is not yet available until after

Yes, I bought my Dex in November.  It had apparently been available here in
Canada since early fall.

I finally got around to calling Bayer to ask for the computer cable they
offer in order to download the readings and they told me

a)  it is not available yet
b)  only very few will be made available (umm, is that stupid or what??) and
c)  if I get on a mailing list now, someone "may" send me some information
about it.

So if you like the Dex and want the computer cable, calling now to register
interest may be a good idea.  If enough people phone, maybe they will make
more.  Or did I just really decrease my chances of getting one? ;')

Type 1 for 18 years
pump for 13 years

Vancouver, BC, Canada
email @ redacted