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Re: [IP] nervous hands

On  8 Jan 98 at 17:39, Chris McLain wrote:

> For those of you having problems with pain - there are some tricks to
> the trade you can try  take a warm shower to help relax the abd muscles.
> you can use an ise cube to chill the area you plan to use for injecting,
> ther are topical anesthetics you can apply before inserting the needle
> take several deep breaths and while exhaling slowly blowing out with
> pursed lips like you are blowing up a baloon insert . I can't gaurentee 
> you will be totally free of pain but I can tell you holding your breath
> does tighten you up and makes injecting more difficult and thus more
> painful - whistle if you have to but don't hold your breath. No one was 
> born with the name weenie - mine is chris use that its the name my
> parent gave me! I've been a nurse 31 years I have always told my
> patients if they ask will an injection hurt that yes it probably will
> but I will try my best not to cause you undo pain look at the end of the
> needle it is beveled ( angled - always always hold it so when you go to
> inject the point -tip is the part of the needle that goes in first if
> you don't the needle will not slide in it will be punched in and that
> makes a big difference in the pain you will feel -

I was taught this techniqe of using the point first by a phlebotomist 
at the hospital.  He has been diabetic since he was a child and said 
that he learned it the hard way...  it also helps to rotate the 
needle about a quarter to a half turn as you slide it in.  That way 
the edge of the tip cuts instead of punching...  and my wife said it 
was a "silly" technique totally unlike what they were taught in 
nursing school.  Then she tried it on some of her patients and 
discovered that it was really fun to already have dropped the syringe 
in the sharps box and have the patient ask if she would hurry up 
and give the shot.    

Now if I could just get that silly soft-serter to rotate a little 
AFTER I punch the button... 
Randall Winchester

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