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Re: [IP] public testing

URTAsef wrote:
> Michelle:
> I highly recommend testing whereever and whenever you require.  WE should not
> have to hide - heck if mothers can breast feed, gays can hold hands and idiots
> like my nurse be plebotomists, then we should be able to prick ourselves.
> EQUAL RIGHTS - plus we need to make the world aware of us - we are NOT gonna
> go aware or disappear and the person you may gross out next to you may very
> well end up a diabetic before long...so there  off my soap box.
> Anyway, I am with you on unsanitary toilets...I wouldn't go in a subway
> bathroom in this city to test my blood if you paid me $100 - a million, maybe,
> but, I'd have to have a box of alcohol wipes.
> *-) Sara
Same here - I have no problems with testing if someone does they may
need to realize they are being nosey - I don't stand at the restaurant
table and yell out hey everyone watch me I gonna draw a drop of blood
here I am discrete and I pack all my goodies away I don't expect anyone
to pick up my alcohol swab or sticker - I just test and pump Ive never
had any one comment other than one coworker at a meeting say I could
never do that! I said do you sew she said yes I asked if she had ever
stuck herself with he needle she said yes I asked what did you do when
that happened? She replied I stuck my finger in my mouth! I said well I
stick mine on a test strip and then use an alcohol swab it's cleaner
that way! She said I get your point but I still could never do that I
told her seriously you learn to do alot of things you may not like to do
when it means the difference between living and dying!