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Re: [IP] Re: Apology

On  8 Jan 98 at 16:57, buddybarber wrote:

>     I don't think there is a soul here that is out for blood (except maybe a
> Baptist preacher) <another BIG GRIN> .

Only for bg testing.  <G>  I guess I should have gone to the state 
convention and gotten all the argumentation worn out of my 

I end up talking to a lot of diabetics and other people with medical 
problems.  I hear a lot of diabetics who have been hurt by someone 
they respect or love calling them weak or spineless because they have 
difficulty with the shots, the diet or the bg testing.  Since so many 
of us on the list have experience with MDI being told that the shots 
aren't painful or don't bruise by other experienced people  implies 
that those who have had these experiences are somehow "less" than the 
one who doesn't.  

Anyone who is battling diabetes, and continues to seek to improve 
their condition by learning more, being more active in their 
treatment, and hanging around this bunch isn't a "weenie" by my 
standards.  I don't think any part of the treatment plan can be 
handled by "weenies"...

Like I've said before, hearing people demeaned because they talk 
about their problems is one of my hot buttons and will generally set 
me off.  I have also been known to come down hard on people for 
mistreating the handicapped - like when I publicly criticized a 
church in our area for encouraging parents of a little girl with 
Down's Syndrome to take her "somewhere else" because they didn't want 
a child like that in their programs because she might be 
disruptive... A two year old disruptive?  I got really upset about 
that - one friend who was there said I reminded him of one of the Old 
Testament prophets calling judgment down on the people...

>     For future reference, I'm here to learn, teach (if I can) and cause some
> of you "sweet people to crack a smile if I get the chance, but never to hurt
> anybody's feelings. If that is not good enough for you let me know and I
> will drag up on this list. It won't be the first time for that either. Like
> the old town drunk said "I've been run out of bigger towns than this
> before!"

I think this is a common goal - to learn, teach, and share a smile.  
There aren't that many people around here that I can laugh with over 
catching the tubing on the infusion set on the doorknob while chasing 
a 2 year old down the hall.  At least on this list you all can share 
a laugh with me over that...  set didn't pull out but when that tape 
suddenly got pulled...  ouch!

>     I feel with all the problems we have with our vision I don't want to
> waste any of mine reading squabbling. Life is too short for that.

And the people on this list are generally too much fun to talk with 
and learn from to fight much.  Just don't call someone a "weenie" 
when they talk about having problems with part of the treatment 

Now someone who's afraid of little old harmless spiders?  That sounds 
like a real wee....  never mind - I just saw one crawling down the 
wall over the desk and had to find something other than the computer 
mouse to smash it with.  I guess I don't like spiders either  <G>

On a more celebratory note - I saw my opthamalogist the other day and 
he said he likes to see my eyes because he cannot find any sign of 
any changes.  We talked briefly about the pump and he said he's glad 
to see people starting to use them early and avoid problems because 
he'd really rather not do the laser thing.  

Randall (the Baptist preacher)
Available for revivals, inspirational speaking, training sessions 
etc, but especially for pot-luck dinners because now I can eat all 
that good stuff....