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Re: [IP] Eli Lily comments

Chris wrote:
> Please help Lily Help us.... also at their web site they now offer
> college scholarships for diabetics - http://www.lilly.com/diabetes
> Chris from Ind  ..please respond to this we need to help ourselves by
> helping Lilly improve their product! -- no I don't work for them!
I called and spoke with one of their representatives who took all the 
info about Lily's use of humalog + 1/6 Velosulin.  So far no contact 
back from E Lilly yet.

In the mean time, I spoke to day with one of the CDE's at Lily's 
doc's office.  She confirmed that others in their practice have 
experienced highs on the 3rd day but not a lot of folks.  2 others 
besides Lily are mixing V + H (small amounts of V) sucessfuly.

email @ redacted