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[IP] Eli Lily comments

I wrote an e-mail to lily at their web site asking what the problem was
with humulog and unexplained highs on day 2 or 3 in pump also asked them
about them what could be making the difference when v+h used and told
them about our experiences they are very interested in problems and what
we are doing to solve them - asked that we e them or call them at their
toll free number - they need our help to get the kinks out of the
humulog and we should as a group let them know what we have been
experiencing -- so Please help them asap - they have called me at home
and told me to buzz them back here is the number 1-888-88-lilly
emial is email @ redacted 
Please help Lily Help us.... also at their web site they now offer
college scholarships for diabetics - http://www.lilly.com/diabetes
Chris from Ind  ..please respond to this we need to help ourselves by
helping Lilly improve their product! -- no I don't work for them!