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[IP] Re: Apology

4:20 PM 1/8/98
Dear Nancy and all,
    I would not for this whole world intentionally hurt yours or anybody
else's feelings. When I said here here to Sissy's post it was to let
everybody I know exactly how she feels about her definition "weenies". I was
there once. As they say "been there and done that." If it weren't for one of
our neighbors in 1959 that was a RN I would never acquired the guts to
inject myself four times a day. We all have our fears about something. I
have taken up the serpent (snakes) and raised them but don't bring no spider
around me or I will hurt you!
    As far as I am concerned we are all learning to live with our fears. If
we don't we have someone to lean on and give us the strength to carry on.
    I don't believe Sissy meant any hostility in her post. It is difficult
to read this kind of turmoil in a group of people that are supposed to be
adults. We are all her to read and speak and learn. If it hurt you that much
that brought on that much stress I apologize. Like I told Terri if you need
to hit someone to relieve the stress "Here I am". Give me your best shot, I
can take it. Ha <BIG GRIN>
    I don't think there is a soul here that is out for blood (except maybe a
Baptist preacher) <another BIG GRIN> .
    For future reference, I'm here to learn, teach (if I can) and cause some
of you "sweet people to crack a smile if I get the chance, but never to hurt
anybody's feelings. If that is not good enough for you let me know and I
will drag up on this list. It won't be the first time for that either. Like
the old town drunk said "I've been run out of bigger towns than this
    I feel with all the problems we have with our vision I don't want to
waste any of mine reading squabbling. Life is too short for that.


Buddy '-)