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[IP] Re: Good luck sara

All our hearts and love go out to you.  Debbie, tell me more about the
text reader.  Is it like the one from the bell lab site on the internet? 
Does anyone have the address?      Michelle
On Thu, 8 Jan 1998 10:06:39 -0600 "Debbie Scales" <email @ redacted>
>Wishing you good luck at the eye doc.
>Debbie who is using a text reader today.
>>Exercise that uses specific muscle groups strenuously DEFINITELY 
>>absorbtion/utilization of insulin at least in my experience.  When I 
>>the last time was PRE-PUMP - dammit), I don't, or didn't that is, 
>inject in
>>legs or butt, cuz I could gar-own-tee a low.  I USED to weight lift - 
>>the days PRE-retinopathy (dammit), and wouldn't inject in my arms for 
>>When I went on the pump, it wasn't the same problem - just had to 
>>put in a temp basal, or suspend, since massive eating was 
>>for what I wanted!  I also could predict a low AFTER the exercise -
>>the next day at about the same time even if I wasn't working 
>>back then I was such an obsessive-compulsive, I generally worked out 
>>Now I am just a lazy slug, who walks alot (but so does my gramma), 
>>lift more than 10 pounds without worrying that my eye might bleed.  I 
>>had a little of the obsessiveness back.
>>Sara - who is going to the eye doc today...cross your eyes - I mean
>fingers -
>>what a freudian slip that was!!