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Re: [IP] Re: Totally Cool New Meter

Greg Legowski wrote:
> > The reason for all this is not so much the meter itself, as you will
> > find out, but in the technique of application of the blood.
> I suspect this is the reason people are having trouble in the DEX trial.
> I'm usually a pretty good bleeder, and almost never have trouble applying
> "enough" blood on my Advantage or Instant.  The DEX requires a very small
> sample.
> Actually, the small sample might contribute to the problem.  Say your
> fingers are slightly damp when you draw blood.  If the sample needed by the
> meter is rather small, that dampness will compose a greater percentage of
> the sample, resulting in more inconsistency/inaccuracy...
> Hmmmm...  Now I'm wondering something.  I just said above that I'm still a
> pretty good bleeder.  This is after 25 years of diabetes, but NOT 25 years
> of finger sticks, since home glucose meters weren't available back then.
> Does anyone remember when the first home glucose meters became available?  I
> still vividly remember this meter that required you to apply blood and start
> a timer, then wash the blood off the stick with a spray at a certain point,
> blot it dry, and insert it in the meter just as the timer ran down.  It had
> a largish LED (as opposed to the modern LCD) numeric display, and was rather
> erratic, but still MUCH better than the pee-on-a-stick method.  Does anyone
> know when this would have been?  I'm thinking sometime in the early 80's,
> but it MIGHT have even been the late 70's...
> --
> Greg Legowski
> Why is it that people always seem to react to food and diabetes in one of 2
> ways -- "Don't eat that!" or "Come on, a little won't hurt"?
	My first meter was sike the one you are talking about and it was in
1985.  I was dx in Nov 84 and saw endo. in early 85 and started using a
Glucometer.  Boy that brings back memories.  I did do the urine testing
but I used a small test tube and tablets that dissolved. (I think) That
was a long time ago.  Gena