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Re: [IP] ancient bg lancet aka the guillotine

> How well I remember the lancet that swung down.  It hurt.  I have been so
> traumatized by the guillotine that I have never used a lancet device
> since.  I use a syringe which seems to gross people out but at least I
> can control the depth and width of insertion.  Now I use one of the
> microfine BD lancets, it is a little more descreet than whipping out a
> syringe.  Why, I ask, do they make lancets in a triangular shape? 

If you examine a lancet under a mag-glass or lowpower microscope
you will see that it is really a knife, not a hole-poker.  It appears 
triangular but really is a knife at an angle that allows the 'very' 
sharp point to cut the skin form 'one end to the other' rather than 
making the cut all at once.  It is much sharper than a fresh xacto 
for instance and there is no comparison to a needle.  A needle 
penatrates an pushes the tissue aside with its size. The lancet makes 
a small incision. 

The purpose is to make a small 'shallow' cut that will allow 
capilliary blood to flow freely.  This does much less tissue damage 
and results in a smaller shallower wound than a needle (hollow or 

Less chance of infection, faster healing, less scarring.

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