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[IP] Sara's eyes and kidneys

Debbie et al:

well I am back from Dr. Lee, who is supposed to be one of the best retina
specialists in the City.  I think I am older than her, so that makes me a
little nervous, and she insists on calling me Ms. Falconer, which bugs me. AND
her nurse is a complete clueless B****H, but hey, I am in  NYC what can I
expect (for the prices I pay, I expect alot more than I get...but that is
another post)

She definitely sees where I am bleeding from this time, which is good, cuz I
can definitely see it.  She says laser is up to me but it will bleed again
without - just a question of when (but I knew that). It is scheduled for next
tuesday.  A vitrectomy in this eye is still not in the picture (phew)

I asked her about grape seed extract and she has never heard of

She wrote a book on retinopathy that I was glancing thru and found something
interesting.  It was mostly technical jargon (that I am sad to say I
understood!!!), but it referred to the use of aspirin in those of us with
retinopathy.  All studies showed that the aspirin did not CAUSE the bleeding
or make us more susceptible, as I have thought, but just made it last longer.
Then of course you aren't supposed to take it before surgery for the obvious
reasons, but it is good to know, cuz if I am gonna bleed anyway, at least I
can take care of the headache in a way that tylenol can not - tylenol does
NOTHING for me unless I take several.  It has no affect on my joint pains -
for that I sparingly take ORUDUS a non steroidal antiinflammatory that is gods
gift to ex-dancers and other joint pain sufferers

My eyes are dilated and the screen is wiggglng like a bowl full of white

AS FOR THE KIDNEY update:  i finally got the lab results back.  Creatine
clearnace and serum creatine are still within normal ranges.  The dork nurse
(another one - what is WITH these people) told me my creatine was 45 and I
freaked cuz normal is 75-120 - then said oops he made a mistake....grrrrrr

The A1c was 7.8 - up from 7.2, but still under my "I SUCK" level of 9.0 
Protein is the only thing that is way high - like in the 1200s...well who
know.  My new years resolution was to take all my capoten as prescribed...and
so far I am about 85% for the year...

can't handle the wiggles anymore - gotta go - see ya (literally, I hope)