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Re: [IP] nervous hands

I agree.  When people come down on you it makes it so you are afraid to
share your mind freely.  Part of this disease involves stress and not
being able to talk about it makes it worse.  Who else can we talk to? 
That really understands?  Michelle
On Wed, 07 Jan 98 00:11:51 PST "Nancy Ludwig" <email @ redacted>
>Dear Buddy and Sissy,
>I applaude you both for your guts to have to use the old needles.
>BUT  I was the one to start this thread about my anticipation about 
>inch and a half needle that I had to insert at an angle with no 
>( I am on the MM Silhouettes)   I was asking for encouragment and
>ideas about how some of you had overcome the fear of inserting
>such a large needle.
>Now of course I agree that there are worse things than DM, but
>there are also on the other hand less diseases than DM. ( if we
>are going to compare diseases)  Have you ever had to miscarry
>a child, or almost loose your second child because you have DM?
>I am sure people on the list have to face the fears of loosing their 
>in the next months, or having to be on dialysis, or MI, or the haze 
>are begining to see in their vision.
>I stood by while some gave me encouraging words and while one lady
>called the "fear" of another ladies inserting of the sets a "weeny" , 
>will stand by no longer.
>Can we please just offer encouraging words and get back to what our
>mothers taught us....if you can't say something nice, don't say 
>at all.  Each one of us has his own burden to carry, please don't add 
>our pile..... I will help you carry yours as I know that you will help 
>carry mine.
>email @ redacted
>type 1 DM, MM pump user for 1 month, 11 yrs DM, 25 yrs old and
>I don't like confrontations, they turn my hands ice cold  :-)   I will
>have to pump in another unit to cover the stress of writing this 
>> Here, Here Sissy. I still have a piece of the sandstone I had to use 
>> sharpen those little suckers. As a matter of fact I still have a 
>couple of
>> boxes of the needles, 28 X12!
>> Buddy '-)