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[IP] ancient bg lancet aka the guillotine

How well I remember the lancet that swung down.  It hurt.  I have been so
traumatized by the guillotine that I have never used a lancet device
since.  I use a syringe which seems to gross people out but at least I
can control the depth and width of insertion.  Now I use one of the
microfine BD lancets, it is a little more descreet than whipping out a
syringe.  Why, I ask, do they make lancets in a triangular shape?  I
suppose it is to make it so people with tougher skin can get a wide
enough wound to get a bucket of blood to cover the strip.   And they say
medicine has evolved from the dark ages where they used to bleed
everyone.  Speaking of the dark ages, does anyone have any stories of
getting kicked out of a restarant for testing your blood sugar at the
table?  Personally, I don't feel comfortable opening myself up in a
disease infected restroom.  Just for good measure, a while back, I tried
one of the new lancets.  It hurt for an hour after and I bled all over
the CDC's office, not to mention my log book.  They say a good log book
is a bloody log book...at least its not pristine white and since the pump
covered in 200's.  That could be worked into a joke.  What is black and
white and 200 all over.  Answer: A pre-pumpling logbook!  Michelle