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Re: [IP] Weight training and BGs

Hey y'all

Exercise that uses specific muscle groups strenuously DEFINITELY increases the
absorbtion/utilization of insulin at least in my experience.  When I ski (and
the last time was PRE-PUMP - dammit), I don't, or didn't that is, inject in my
legs or butt, cuz I could gar-own-tee a low.  I USED to weight lift - back in
the days PRE-retinopathy (dammit), and wouldn't inject in my arms for the same

When I went on the pump, it wasn't the same problem - just had to remember to
put in a temp basal, or suspend, since massive eating was contra-indicatory
for what I wanted!  I also could predict a low AFTER the exercise - sometimes
the next day at about the same time even if I wasn't working out...but since
back then I was such an obsessive-compulsive, I generally worked out ever day.

Now I am just a lazy slug, who walks alot (but so does my gramma), and can't
lift more than 10 pounds without worrying that my eye might bleed.  I wish I
had a little of the obsessiveness back.

Sara - who is going to the eye doc today...cross your eyes - I mean fingers -
what a freudian slip that was!!