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[IP] bad site???


Hello everyone, 

Its almost been two months for me on the pump, I feel so much more relaxed
about it than when I first started.  I also feel more confident about
insulin and how my body is going to react to it. I do feel there are still
some problems which I don't think the pump or anything else but a cure will
fix. Perhaps some of you other people have an answer to unexplained highs, I
seem to get them more often when I'm using my abdomen for a site and it is
near the changing site time, on this area of my body I can only get the site
to last anywhere from 24-48 hours, anything over this I start to see values
over 200 that gradually start climbing. I don't know if its a site problem
or the insulin going bad. Yesterday I tried an experiment when bg values
started unexpectedly climbing(site was on the right ab and I would have
changed it the following morning if it would have remained active), I put in
a new site( left ab this time) but used the remaining insulin in the syrgine
from the old site this worked fine until this morning after breakfast
another unexplained high(243), so once again I changed sites(left butt) but
this time also used fresh insulin. I rarely have trouble with the backend of
me, too bad its so hard to reach!
my possible excuses for this are:
1. My abdomen has less fat
2. Irritation from the tape causes the site to stop absorbing the insulin       
3. my stomach area stays warmer than my backend causing the insulin to stay
warmer which means degrading faster
4. Its a combination of both degrading insulin and site irritation
If anyone else has anything to add to this I would love to see it.
This question is for Micheal,
How is the mixtures of h and v going for lily, is this helping, do you
notice if she can keep the same site for a longer period of time?

Carol Wasson
email @ redacted