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Re: [IP] Success Stories

Dear Sherry:
    What a wonderful story to post!!!! Thank you for sharing such a positive
view of dealing with diabetes.  Also helps to explain your own advocacy in
seeking pump info. for your daughter.  My 15 yr old daughter, dx'd 5 1/2 yrs
ago has been successfully pumping for 22 months now.  Yesterday, I calculated
while "chatting" at the Parents' Chat room at "Children with Diabetes" that by
using pump therapy in lieu of her previous 4 daily injections, she was now
inserting a needle in her body 1,298 less times per year!!!!!!!

    Also, as I finally "let go" & trashed all of her old record-keeping books
from past years, I paused to consider the advances in diabetic care over the
past 5 years which have ameliorated her life as a child with diabetes.  Of
course, her Minimed "cool blue" 507 heads the list, but I'd like to share with
all of you, my personal retrospective of my top 5 other major milestones:
        a. faster meters that don't require cleaning OR wiping off the blood
sample after 60 seconds (remember the Accu-Check)
        b. the advent of carb counting (I can STILL picture that Lifescan
newsletter article saying that an "Oreo" cookie was now "ok"!!!)
        c. the (almost) universal availability of nutritional info. on
packaged food
        d. increasingly shorter, thinner syringes (and lancets)
        e. the creation of Humalog, enabling rapid correction of inexplicable
high bgs

     Yes, I'm as eager as anyone for a CURE, but in the interim, I, for one,
am grateful for these improvements in only five years....All of which serve to
"normalize" my teenager's life.

     Now if only Minimed could add a "voice" to the pump which tells her to
"record her numbers", "pick up her clothes", "rinse off her dishes", etc. etc.
Now THAT would be a MAJOR advancement!!!!! LOL

     Regards to all & thanks again for MY daily "infusion" (of pump pointers,
that is!!!!)

     Renee (aka Melissa's pumper-mom)