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Re: [IP] wrote to Lily - regarding Humalog Insulin problems with increase BS after 2-3 days


I called Eli Lily this summer to inquire about some perceived problems with
Humalog during warmer summer temperatures (specifically, I was asking if
the distributors had standard methods for protecting the insulin during
shipment to the pharmacies).  I found the person with whom I spoke to be
rather informative, somewhat concerned, *but* once I mentioned I was
pumping Humalog, her attitude changed dramatically. After numerous
reminders to me that "Humalog is not indicated for use in insulin pumps",
she spent the remainder of the conversation requesting information about my
doctor - his name, address, phone number, when and why he prescribed
Humalog for use in my pump, etc. It was rather disconcerting to me, and I
called my doc to "warn" him that he might get calls from Lily. The whole
interrogation routine sounded rather intrusive.

The response you received sounds like Lily's approach to the "inevitable"
use of Humalog in pumps may have changed somewhat. If my experience is any
indication though, you might want to plan ahead on how much detail you give
them if they start asking about your doctor.

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted

>Folks I found the Eli Lily web site and wrote to ask them about the
>problems many of us experience with unexplained highs in Blood sugars 
>on Humulog when pumping after 2-3 days on same cartridge  and trouble
>getting sugar to go down with use of bolus I asked about the stability
>and what they thought might be the cause- I also asked about the safety
>of mixing velosulin at a 1 to 5 ratio and asked what property in the one
>would make the difference  Lily responded as follows:
>Due to complexity of question we prefer to speak with you in person
>rather than attempt to respond by e-mail we need to determine if you
>experienced a loss of blood sugar control while using Humulog: iif that
>indeed be the case, federal regulatory guidelines require that we gather 
>clinical information to enable filing of an adverse event report.
>we will thus make an effort to contact you.
>As a group those who have experienced this should contact Lily - and
>those now mixing H+V should also and let them know the results.
>Web site:
>toll free # 1-888-88Lilly
Bob Burnett

mailto:email @ redacted