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Re: [IP] Re: Totally Cool New Meter

Wow, I would like to see one of those.. Maybe someone should keep a site
of all the new development of diabetes related devices as they came
out.. a sort of Smithsonian of Diabetes or has one?.  I remember seeing
the first
Apple Computer at the Smithsonian, I would love to see the first
Glucose Meter.. anyone got a picture of one?  When did the first
"insulin pump"
come out?

Greg Legowski wrote:
> > Hmmmm...  Now I'm wondering something.  I just said above that I'm still a
> pretty good bleeder.  This is after 25 years of diabetes, but NOT 25 years
> of finger sticks, since home glucose meters weren't available back then.
> Does anyone remember when the first home glucose meters became available?  I
> still vividly remember this meter that required you to apply blood and start
> a timer, then wash the blood off the stick with a spray at a certain point,
> blot it dry, and insert it in the meter just as the timer ran down.  It had
> a largish LED (as opposed to the modern LCD) numeric display, and was rather
> erratic, but still MUCH better than the pee-on-a-stick method.  Does anyone
> know when this would have been?  I'm thinking sometime in the early 80's,
> but it MIGHT have even been the late 70's...