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Re: [IP] Success Stories

I dont know if any of you have the hardback book History of the ADA but on
page 9 it quotes from a woman named Luise Degraffenreid who developed Diabetes
in the 1930's.  She has had Diabetes for over 65 years!!!  I am not sure of
her age but I would guess somewhere in her seventies.  I grew up across the
street from this incredible woman and proud to say I know her and her husband
very well.  She walks with a slight limp but otherwise she is healthy and
going strong and very up on the latest technology.  She is very interested in
hearing how my daughters insulin pumping goes.  Her and her husband drive by
my home everynight and wave after their dinner at Luby's.  What a delightful
and intereting couple they both are.  I   

She is now the oldest living survivor of Diabetes in Oklahoma having had it
for 65 years.  If you haven't read her brief story it is worth looking.  For
nothing else it makes you appreciate the age and time we live in now.

Another thing I have learned from this is that we can be such a testimony to
others through our behaviors.  When my father developed Diabetes 30 years ago
Luise was right in there telling him to keep his BS levels down down down.  At
that time even our local doctors were not emphasizing how truly important this
is.  She made a tremendous impact on my father who in turn has impacted us in
such a positive way with helping our daughter and her BS levels.  I am also
quite proud of my father for dealing positively with Diabetes for over 30
years.  Now if I could just convince HIM to try out the pump . . .   :) 

Sherri Lynn (Laura's mom)