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[IP] DEX meter

Hi, again!  

Let me see if I can answer some of the question resulting from my note about
the new DEX meter.

Sensor Packets:  they will come 5 packages of 10 sensors per box at about the
same price as other strips:  $30 -35 per box.  Price varies apparently because
of pharmacy mark-up---what's new!?

Janine:  you "bought" the DEX?  I was told it is not yet available until after

As for the plasma vs. whole blood calibration, read Ernest's note.  He is
right as I understand it.  The values are manipulated to give you a number
close to what you would get from the A1C test at a lab.  These meters that do
this (Lifescan's SureStep and the DEX) will give you slightly higher #s.  What
you have to decide, if you are using 2 different kinds of meters, is:  is the
difference enough to correct with either food or insulin.  

To Get in the Trial Study:  I really don't know, but I will give you the 800
number on the back of my DEX and you can ask them:  800-348-8100.  It is worth
the call, cuz you get the meter free and free strips through March.  

Since this is the first full day I have used my DEX  I have been testing on my
three (!!) meters each time.  Take a look at these differences:

Before Lunch:    SureStep  126    Medisense2   112     DEX   148
Mid Afternoon:    SureStep  100   Medisense2    100     Dex    111
Before Dinner:   ; SureStep  222   Medisense2   226     Dex    281
After Dinner:      SureStep  145     Medisense2   151     DEx   172

The Surestep and Dex have the plasma values.  So the DEX is definitely higher
and the only question I had was how much insulin to take for the 281.  I took
an average and treated that number and looks like it was a good guess.  (
would have taken one unit for 226 and 1 1/2 for 281)

Hope I didn't bore too many of you!  Karen