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Re: [IP] Weight training and BGs

TAtigger wrote:
> I just want to say thanks for being there, first - this list is a wonderful
> source of support for me!   Thank you thank you -
> I have been pumping for 2 months, and my numbers are finally getting closer to
> where I want them to be - we are still fiddling with my basal rates.  And for
> the last 4 days I have done  great - with highs only where I expect them
> because i still have adjustment to do - and that is cool.  But today and if I
> remember correctly, on at least one other occasion, I ate lunch ( 90 ) and
> then started my excercise routine - about 30 minutes of Tai Chi and then
> downstairs to my weights for upper body training.  After another 30 to 45
> minutes of weights, I went to shower and change sets and all that stuff (yes -
> nearly 2 hours every day all together, by the time you stretch and warm up and
> warm down and then hide out in the nice hot water for a while)  Anyway - I was
> 250 before I changed sets!!!!  I ate the usual and with no excercise, I would
> be surprised if I was over 150.  This is totally uncool and totally
> unexplained.  So what is up???? Any thoughts?

Did you check your bG's before you started exercise?  If you are high
(180+), the exercise could temporarily drive it higher.  Watch out for
the residual effect, though. I also weight train (although not nearly as
intensely as you!), and I find my lows come a few hours later.


> This is bad for me - because here I am doing everything right, I've had
> predictable and reasonable results, particularly this last week and then this
> - makes me want to chuck the whole thing and have that ICE CREAM SUNDAY and to
> heck with it all!!!!  Especially this time of day, which is the worst for me
> anyway - I want to eat - I am totally trained to feel low and need a snack in
> the afternoon - and ten years experience and conditioning die hard.  I really
> feel sometimes that the things that I do have little or no effect on my
> overall control. It is very frustrating.  Soooo what do you do - and how do
> you psych yourselves out of heading for Baskin Robbins?
> Sulking and having a cup of coffee instead - and wishing this was SOMEONE's
> fault so I could clobber them
> Terri