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Re: [IP] Alternative Treatment/Prevention

MADKT wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I read the following condensed comments:
> Grape seed extract is a form of antioxidant and good for ailing vascular
> system.
> herbal or nutritional therapy (obviously, you can't replace insulin...but you
> can
> strengthen the rest of the bodies systems).
> Question:
> 1.  Are these things good for all diabetics?

antioxidants are good for everybody.  There is no contraindication with
grape seed extract and people with diabetes.  Just make sure you get a
good brand (no fillers, additives, etc).

 2.  What is an antioxidant?

an antioxidant helps prevent free radical damage (oxidative
damage...similar to rust, except in the body).  

Some notable examples are Vitamins C and E.  Grape seed extract (active
ingredient proanthocyanidin) is much more powerful than these.  It also
works synergistically with vitamin C...making it more effective.

> 3.  Where do you get grape seed extract? How much? How often?

any health food store...and even some pharmacies and grocery stores.  It
is also sold through Network Marketing (be careful...MOST companies
charge REALLY high prices).

The source I use is reasonably priced, highly effective and free of
extra stuff.

Dose varies, but the usual recommendation is 60mg per day.  Usually, you
start with a "saturation dose" for seven days.  This is usually 240mg
per day.  You then back off to 60mg.

> 4.  What other things could be useful?

You answered with your next question!

You might also want to look into Ginkgo Biloba for circulation, Coenzyme
Q10 to strengthen the heart.

Diabetics tend to lose magnesium (this can lead to muscle aches, stiff
legs, etc).  You may want to have your doctor order a blood test to see
where you at.  You may want to supplement with magnesium if you are low.

Obviously, a high quality multivitamin/mineral product is a good idea.

> 5.  What do yall think of Chromium Picolinate (sp) ?

it is wonderful!  I use it faithfully.

> Id appreciate any input that I can check with my dr.
> Katie

Katie...I don't have the studies in front of me, but if you e-mail a
request to me, I'd be happy to send them to you!