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Re: [IP] Computer Software

SFriedJD wrote:
> I am an insulin pumper for several years but very new with this computer
> stuff.
> My question is this-----is there a software package out there that is
> reasonably priced, user friendly, can be installed by a "computer dummy" and
> organizes one 's information in a clear and concise fashion that it can be
> printed off and given to your doctor.  My endo is not computer oriented, so
> there is no hope of downloading the info into his computer.
> I would appreciate any input on this.  Thanks,
> Stuart     email @ redacted
I have the Balance program - has everything graphs bar graphs a calandar
of events a food value calculator - carbos etc a food list and menu
planner to keep you on track if you calorie count it will also take and
automatically down load from your meter if it has a memory cost 58.00
I really love it - it is very user friendly!