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Re: [IP] Computer Software

In a message dated 98-01-07 19:02:56 EST, Stuart wrote:

> My question is this-----is there a software package out there that is
>  reasonably priced, user friendly, can be installed by a "computer dummy"
>  organizes one 's information in a clear and concise fashion that it can be
>  printed off and given to your doctor?

     Stuart, LifeScan (the makers of One-Touch and Profile meters) have had a
DOS program for their meters (which works with Windows) for over six years
that I have been using since it came out.  I am presently using a Beta version
in a trial Study which is made for Windows and is much easier to use in
Windows95.  It is supposed to come out in a few months.  The previous price
was around $50, but maybe they will have a promotion with a price break on the
new version.  This program develops 8 graphs and charts which can be
downloaded onto your doctor's computer, sent to the doctor by modem or just
plain old printed out and given to him.  To find out the status and cost of
this program call the Data Management Dept of LifeScan at 800-382-7226.
(The test study has already been concluded.)           GLENN