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Re: Re: [IP] nervous hands

I'm just reading the postings from Dec. 24th, and read Rose's answer to
Randall's note about the injections hurting, and the problem he had taking

I agree with Rose. I had been taking injections since I was 14. Forty three
years later when I was 57, I went on the pump.
Back in 1954, we had non-disposible needles. When they got dull, and you
didn't know that until you got a nice dull needle going into you, we
sharpened the needles. 
I'm extremely glad that Randall didn't have diabetes back then, because if he
thinks the ultra fine needles of today are bad, he'd have had a fit back
Many of us have taken four injections a day, and occasionally have had a
painful experience. So what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Randall ought to just be thankful
that he doesn't have a worse disease, and we all know that there are so very
many worse things to have wrong with us. Just think of all the little
chjildren with cancer, and such diseases, that require painful treatment,
just to exist.

Randall, just think about this, and be thasnkful that you just have diabetes.

I'm sorry, but I have no sympathy for those "weenies", to quote Rose, who
fuss about a simple insulin injection, with such a tiny little needle.

Please don't take this as "harsh words", because it's simply, the truth.


P.S. I have found that this best way to handle this disease is to "THINK
POSITIVE". This has certainly helped me deal with diabetes for the past 43
yrs. In fact, I can honestly say that it really doesn't bother me at all, and
especially not, after getting the pump & feeling free again. Yippee!!!!