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Re: [IP] Computer Software

----->My question is this-----is there a software package out there that is
>reasonably priced, user friendly, can be installed by a "computer dummy"
>organizes one 's information in a clear and concise fashion that it can be
>printed off and given to your doctor.  My endo is not computer oriented, so
>there is no hope of downloading the info into his computer.
>I would appreciate any input on this.  Thanks,

    The software I use is Balance PC. I believe it was $119.95 for the CD
and the cable. They broke it down to approx. $60.00 for the software and
$59.00 for the cable. It will count your carbs, keep up with your exercise
plan. Print graphs, do more than I want to do with it the only drawback is
that at the time I purchased my version it did not support pump therapy. It
is very good except for that. I particularly like the ability it has for
comparing Bg's from different times of the day.
    I have a sample CD you can have to see if you like it if you woul like
me to send it I will. Actually they have an 800 number you can call tomorrow
and they will send you a copy at no charge. It is the program they just have
some stops in there that will not let you print or add you own personal
foods and like that.
    Their address is :

    The version I have is 1.3. I would think that by now they may have
revised it to support the pump. Check it out. . .

Buddy '-)