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Re: [IP] Minimed's auto-insertor

> Does anyone have trouble w/the catheter part of the set going in when
> using the insertor?  I have about 8 crinked catheter's that the needle
> part went in but not the tubing.  Tonight I went thru 2 sets and finally
> just used my hand and jabbed the da*n thing in--I was pissed!  I used
> the same site for all 3 pokes.  This does not happen all the time but I
> can't believe my hand can jab quicker than that insertor.
> I wonder if Minimed will replace the 8 soft sets that are ruined--I have
> saved them.  They are too expensive for this to be happening.  I have a
> friend who uses it too and she is having the same thing happen to her.

Seems to me this came up once before on the list....can't remember 

Anyway, it is a technique problem.  Could have to do with properly 
inserting the set into the sof-serter, and another problem was that 
MM sent out some sets with the adhesive wings in the wrong place 
which fouls up the insertion process.  My best suggestion would be to 
talk to MM or the local MM rep for your area (better ). They usually 
have a MM pump trainer in each area and I bet they can solve the 
problem for you.

email @ redacted