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Re: [IP] Re: Totally Cool New Meter

>Actually, I had the same dillema a few weeks ago with two meters reading
>50 points apart.   I called my trainer and she said to clean the old one.   ( I
>had not done that for at least a year)   AFTER doing this, I check them both
>again at the same time and my test scores where 2-3 points apart.   COOL!
>My trainer is so smart.  She also said that it does not matter that two meters
>are from different companies, they should all read about the same number.

I did clean the meters.  I really expected that to work, since who knows
when I had cleaned the old one!  But apparently the Dex reads differently
because what it measures is different than most meters and therefore it is
not comparable. Something to do with it using plasma/serum glocose versus
whole blood?  There has been an argument about this on another diabetes
list but I still don't quite get it.  I am still so shocked that I am doing
blood sugars again that I am not into the technical stuff yet!

type 1 for 18 years
pump for 13 years

Vancouver, BC, Canada
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