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RE: [IP] Re: Totally Cool New Meter

> The reason for all this is not so much the meter itself, as you will
> find out, but in the technique of application of the blood.

I suspect this is the reason people are having trouble in the DEX trial.
I'm usually a pretty good bleeder, and almost never have trouble applying
"enough" blood on my Advantage or Instant.  The DEX requires a very small

Actually, the small sample might contribute to the problem.  Say your
fingers are slightly damp when you draw blood.  If the sample needed by the
meter is rather small, that dampness will compose a greater percentage of
the sample, resulting in more inconsistency/inaccuracy...

Hmmmm...  Now I'm wondering something.  I just said above that I'm still a
pretty good bleeder.  This is after 25 years of diabetes, but NOT 25 years
of finger sticks, since home glucose meters weren't available back then.
Does anyone remember when the first home glucose meters became available?  I
still vividly remember this meter that required you to apply blood and start
a timer, then wash the blood off the stick with a spray at a certain point,
blot it dry, and insert it in the meter just as the timer ran down.  It had
a largish LED (as opposed to the modern LCD) numeric display, and was rather
erratic, but still MUCH better than the pee-on-a-stick method.  Does anyone
know when this would have been?  I'm thinking sometime in the early 80's,
but it MIGHT have even been the late 70's...

Greg Legowski
Why is it that people always seem to react to food and diabetes in one of 2
ways -- "Don't eat that!" or "Come on, a little won't hurt"?