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Re: [IP] Weight training and BGs

    Go ahead, I'll take the blame. Hit me. I know just what you are feeling
but you was feeling worse than that 6 weeks ago when you wanted to throw in
the towel. I'm glad to hear that you are doing so much better. It gets
better every day. Hang in there and remember what they tried to teach us
when we were kids, "Try to learn something new every day".
    About the Baskin Robbins. . . . . . .  Move out here to East Texas in
the "boondocks" where there are no Baskin Robbins! Ain't that right Sara? It
is 16 miles to the nearest town and there are no "ice cream" joints there.
How about a pint of sherbet??? Sweets for the sweet.

Love ya,

Buddy '-)