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Re: [IP] Re: Totally Cool New Meter

I bought the Dex in November and love it.  It totally changed my attitude
towards tests.  The finger pricker is quite good as well and you need
hardly any blood. It is great for carrying around.

The only problem I have had is that the readings are very different from my
One-Touch.  Once I did both and getting scores as different as 150 and 200
done 30 seconds apart.  That was driving me insane because I didn't know
which to believe and control solution sad both were right!   My endo said
to believe the Dex because it is more accurate.


>Hi, Pumpers!
>I just received the new DEX meter from Bayer.  This little (2 1/2" by 3"
>circular, fits in the palm of your hand) does not use strips but instead has a
>cartridge that has 10 test sensors.  The meter retains about 200 readings, can
>be downloaded onto a MAC or PC, keeps three daily averages, has time, date and
>beeps that can be turned off.  (I hate beeps!)  It uses a small about of blood
>(not the usual "hanging drop") that is sucked into the sensor via capillary
>action.  The small lancing device uses all basic lancets.  The readings are
>based on plasma values, which is important for us pump users.
>The best features are its compactness and the fact that you do not have to
>carry a bottle of strips with you.  At the end of each test the sensor is
>ejected as you close the meter.  When you open it , it tells you how many
>sensors (tests) you have left.  The blister sealed packet of sensors is easily
>stored in a wallet, fanny pack or glove compartment, desk drawer and other
>small spaces.
>Watch for it.  The DEX is due out on the market at the end of March '98.  It
>should retail for $70 , but with rebates and trade-ins you can popbably get
>the meter free.  Karen

Vancouver, BC, Canada
email @ redacted