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Re: [IP] Weight training and BGs

In a message dated 98-01-07 16:24:36 EST, you write:

> remember correctly, on at least one other occasion, I ate lunch ( 90 ) and
>  then started my excercise routine - about 30 minutes of Tai Chi and then
>  downstairs to my weights for upper body training.  After another 30 to 45
>  minutes of weights, I went to shower and change sets and all that stuff
> -
>  nearly 2 hours every day all together, by the time you stretch and warm up 
> and
>  warm down and then hide out in the nice hot water for a while)  Anyway - I 
> was
>  250 before I changed sets!!!!  I ate the usual and with no excercise, I 
> would
>  be surprised if I was over 150.  This is totally uncool and totally
>  unexplained.  So what is up???? Any thoughts?  

This may be stating the obvious, but:  Are you absolutely sure you gave
yourself the bolus at lunch??  I have spaced this off before, on more than one

Mary Jean