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Re: [IP] Success Stories

1. Yes
2. How bad did you abuse yourself?
3. I have lived 50, I know some over 60, but who don't have SOME problems?
4. All you can do is take the best care you can and when it happens you deal
with it. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
5. Probability ? Better than average would be my guess. Someone said on here
the other day: To achieve longevity get you a chronic disease, and take real
good care of it.

    Maybe we all abused ourselves when we were young and invincible. We
didn't realize the gravity of the situation at that time. Don't worry about
that now, you can not change that now. Just do what you can now to prevent
any future complications. There are people with far worse problems and we
will surely be one of those people in the future. Even non-diabetic people
sooner or later wear out. That is a fact of life.
    We now have so much more going for us than we did 40 years ago when I
was diagnosed. Remember the first sugar-free sodas back in the late 50's and
early 60's? Just look at what you have at your disposal now to cope with
your diabetes. There is no reason you should lose any limbs now unless you
just keep on abusing your body.
    We have more, and better information right here in this group
collectively than the endos had in 1959! Praise the Lord you were blessed
with diabetes and not something terminal. When we finally have to leave it
will be just one piece at a time.<smiling>

Love you all,

Buddy '-)