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RE: [IP] Re: Totally Cool New Meter

> I've heard horror stories from some of the other test subjects about how
> inconsistent it is (one woman said she did 3 consecutive tests within 5
> minutes and got 300, 90, 250).  Myself, I've had nothing BUT success.  It

Very interesting.  Lily can contribute to this.  A year or so ago, 
she wanted one of the new 'little' meters (that shall go unnamed) to 
replace her one-touch.  So being the easy touch (no pun intended) dad 
that I am, I got her one.  The blood sugar reading we got were 
erratic now and then and when compared against the one-touch doing 
dual tests, were also found to be insconsistent.

The reason for all this is not so much the meter itself, as you will 
find out, but in the technique of application of the blood.

We discovered by observation and some more testing, that if you don't 
apply 'quite enough' blood to a one-touch, that it will either tell 
you by saying it thinks it is a control reading or simply saying that 
something else is wrong OR it gives you the right value.  The 'other' 
meters, however, apparently continue to process and provide and 
erroeous reading.  At the point where the blood amount is 
ridiculously low, the 'others' finally tell you there is not enough 

The end result for users who are unaware of this problem contibutes 
to the 'grand success' and 'horror' stories as related by the 
original post.

Lily decided she would rather not work at improving her blood 
application technique - especially in the dark or middle of the night 
- and opted for a one-touch profile, which soft-touch dad got for 

email @ redacted