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[IP] Weight training and BGs

I just want to say thanks for being there, first - this list is a wonderful
source of support for me!   Thank you thank you -

I have been pumping for 2 months, and my numbers are finally getting closer to
where I want them to be - we are still fiddling with my basal rates.  And for
the last 4 days I have done  great - with highs only where I expect them
because i still have adjustment to do - and that is cool.  But today and if I
remember correctly, on at least one other occasion, I ate lunch ( 90 ) and
then started my excercise routine - about 30 minutes of Tai Chi and then
downstairs to my weights for upper body training.  After another 30 to 45
minutes of weights, I went to shower and change sets and all that stuff (yes -
nearly 2 hours every day all together, by the time you stretch and warm up and
warm down and then hide out in the nice hot water for a while)  Anyway - I was
250 before I changed sets!!!!  I ate the usual and with no excercise, I would
be surprised if I was over 150.  This is totally uncool and totally
unexplained.  So what is up???? Any thoughts?  

This is bad for me - because here I am doing everything right, I've had
predictable and reasonable results, particularly this last week and then this
- makes me want to chuck the whole thing and have that ICE CREAM SUNDAY and to
heck with it all!!!!  Especially this time of day, which is the worst for me
anyway - I want to eat - I am totally trained to feel low and need a snack in
the afternoon - and ten years experience and conditioning die hard.  I really
feel sometimes that the things that I do have little or no effect on my
overall control. It is very frustrating.  Soooo what do you do - and how do
you psych yourselves out of heading for Baskin Robbins?  

Sulking and having a cup of coffee instead - and wishing this was SOMEONE's
fault so I could clobber them