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Re: [IP] saras eyes (used to be debbies eyes)

In a message dated 98-01-06 21:16:16 EST, Chris from Ind writes:

>  > >Sara
>  > >
>  Literature that I have read indicates that persons already suffering
>  with rentinopathy will experience some worsening of visoin problems at
>  first when going on the pump ...HOWEVER they also state that this
>  resolves and in many cases the existing  vision problems may actually
>  resolve to some extent..I hope this is the end of the period of
>  problemms for you and that soon you will have improvement! Chris from
>  Ind:-)

Thanks Chris - me too, but as I have written in the past....this has been
going on for more than 4 years now.....am I just impatient? (HA!!!)  or does
the improvement occur over decades and not just single digit years?

*-)   - my new smiley to indicate my new name : "one eyed jack" or is it
"dead-eye dick"?