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Re: [IP] Where is the RULE


Try this URL:  <http://www.diabetesnet.com/math/450.html>

The "Rule" referenced here is called the 450 rule, and deals with
carbohydrate sensitivity in Type 1 diabetics. It has been a while since I
looked at this, but your question jogged my memory.

This URL <http://www.diabetesnet.com/math/1500.html> deals with the amount
your BG is likely to drop per unit of Reg or Humalog.

Please check these carefully - they appear to be copyrighted.

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from a hotel room. It's ugly, gang

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>Somewhere on the web, I once ran accross a page that was called
>the 1450 rule or 1500 rule or something like that.
>I was a method of determining insulin doseage levels based on body
>Anyone know where it is??
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Bob Burnett

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