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Re: [IP] thanks

I don't know how the cardiologist determined for sure that dysautonomia was
the problem, but he seemed to know what he was taling about and felt the new
medication was the answer.  I have had this experience in the past also, of
doctors just shaking their heads and saying it was low blood pressure but
not acting like they could do anything about it.  The only suggestion I
might have is to buy a blood pressure monitor and do it at home for awhile
and see how low your blood pressure is actually going.  I just bought one
and with the medicine I have already seen some improvement, up to 80/60

>Thanks for the info.  Could this condition be related to the incident I
>had a few weeks ago where I woke up with gray vision, kinda like how
>those old pinball machines filtered the pin balls down each hitting a
>nail....sorry, words are kind of inadequate... When I laid back down it
>seemed to clear.  I never seem to have any energy.  I called the nurse,
>she said to go to the emergency room and when I finally saw the Dr. all
>he said was that it must be low blood pressure and sent me home.  And I
>paid for the privileged???
> Michelle